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Tired of waiting all morning for your shower to heat up? Thanks to new water heater technology, you can make those long, cold waits a thing of the past. From instantly hot systems to energy-efficient solar-powered water heaters, Ideal Plumbing Service can offer you a state-of-the-art water heater  to make your kitchen and bath experience a dreamy one.

Call us 24/7 for water heater repair in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Kuna, Eagle, Caldwell, Marsing, Star & Homedale.

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   We proudly offer 24/7 

    Emergency service!



                          Save Money On Your New Water Heater

Not only can Ideal Pluming Service Plumbers near me help you figure out which model of water heater is the best fit for the needs of your and your family, but we'll also recycle your old water heater for you. Call today save $50.00 on a new water heater!






                            How to Tune-up Your Water Heater

Tuning-up your water heater at least once per year can extend its life and save you money on costly repairs                                          or a replacement. This is what the process looks like:


It’s easy to take water heaters for granted – until they break! Water damage can be expensive! That’s why it’s important to contact a water heater repair technician at the first sign of a potential malfunction. If you’ve asked the following questions about your water heater, it’s time to call a repair technician from Ideal Plumbing Service if:

Even if your water heater isn’t showing signs of a serious malfunction, you should schedule routine maintenance at least once per year for a professional water tune-up. If there are more than three people in the house, consider a more consistent maintenance schedule – such as once every six months.

Why is my water heater making that knocking sound?

Why does my water heater pilot light keep going out?

Why is there standing water under my water heater?

Why isn’t my hot water heater getting hot enough?

Why is my water heater fluctuating between hot and

   cold water?

Why does my water heater keep shutting off?


Should you experience an unexpected water heater emergency, we've got you covered!  

Step 1:   If your water heater runs on electricity, turn off the circuit breaker. If the water heater is gas turn off the pilot off.  Wait for at least one hour, depending on how high your water temperature settings are. The hotter the water, the longer it needs to cool down.


Step 2:  Take your garden hose and attach it at the bottom of your water heater's drain valve.  Place the other end of the hose where you want to drain your water heater.


Step 3: Shut off the cold-water pipe (This is located at the top of the water heater)


when is it time to call a Nampa water heater expert?

Step 4:  Drain the water heater by opening the drain valve at the bottom. (There might be a handle, or you may need a screwdriver to open this valve. This can take several hours if the water heater hasn’t been flushed in a long time!

Step 5:  When the water is clear or stops draining from the water heater, then turn on the cold water at the shut off valve.   This will pressure flush all the sediment like the minerals out of the tank. Do this for several minutes (or longer if the water heater hasn’t been flushed before).

Step 6:  Close the drain valve at the bottom of the water heater.  Disconnect the hose and make sure nothing is leaking, Let the water heater refill. While doing so, turn on the hot water in your kitchen sink to release any air from the line.When the tank is completely full, turn on the electricity or gas again.

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